LABORATORY TECHNOLOGIST SETلیبارٹری ٹیکنالوجیسٹ سیٹ

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Aim of this curriculum is to equip students with the relevant professional knowledge, skills and techniques to enable them to apply their acquired expertise for efficient health service delivery. At the end of training the student should be able exhibit the following general and specific competencies:

A General learning objectives

1. Act upon his / her job description ethically keeping in mind the requirements of

community and people at large.

2. Demonstrate empathy and humane approach towards communities and interpersonal behavior in accordance with the societal norms and expectations. 3. Demonstrate sufficient understanding of basic sciences related to the


technology and be able to integrate such knowledge in his/her work.

B. Specific learning objectives:

Following competencies will be expected from a student completing a diploma course

in Medical Laboratory Technology. The student should be able to:

Demonstrate complete knowledge of all simple and medium level laboratory


. Ability to preserve, process and evaluate all types of biological samples in the

laboratory from the clinical perspective.

Demonstrate knowledge of medical terminology for understanding the laboratory


Maintenance of work records, tissue storage, up-to-date methodology and

miscellaneous duties.

Maintenance of stock solutions, controls and equipment.

Knowledge of record keeping.

Understand the importance of quality assurance and its application in different

disciplines of pathology. Know the hazards of working in a laboratory and safe disposal of laboratory waste.

Maintenance and use of microscopes.

Perform phlebotomy procedures and sample handling in all the section of pathology including bed side sampling.

Perform laboratory tests in the section of hematology both manually as well as by automated means (routine hematology and coagulation profile).


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